October 2011

Susan Pascal and her Vibes

October 12, 2011

Have you ever heard those old-fashioned radio intermission chimes? Those  relaxed smooth tones letting you know it’s commercial time? That’s a vibraphone. It kind of like an aluminum xylophone with a muting pedal. The aluminum gives it the mellow sound we like. It usually goes by the moniker ‘vibes’, so we’ll call it that so […]

Founder of Argosy Cruises turns 100

October 5, 2011

Lynn Campbell’s 100th birthday is on Sunday, October 9th, 2011. Join us in celebrating the birthday of Lynn, who began what was originally Spring Street Water Taxi, renamed Seattle Harbor Tours, and is now Argosy Cruises. Born in Relief, North Carolina on October 9, 1911, Captain Lynn Campbell or Lennie, as he was called, turns 100 this week. […]