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Join us in 2015!
For a wonderful dining opportunity join us at Tillicum Village beginning April 2015

Our Manager and Executive Chef of Tillicum Village is Christine Keff, a culinary genius who began her career at New York’s famed Four Seasons. Prior to working with Argosy Cruises, she most recently owned Flying Fish restaurant. While there, she was recognized by the James Beard Foundation as Best Chef in the Pacific Northwest/Hawaii. She’s also been featured in New York Magazine, CNN’s On the Menu, Food Network’s Dining Around, the New York Times, Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Wine Spectator, Decanter, and Food and Wine. 

When originally designing the menu at Tillicum Village, we wanted to recognize that the cuisine of the Coast Salish had not only survived great cultural shifts but that the food was incredibly diverse (archaeological sites around Puget Sound have found over 200 plant and animal species used as foods!)  With that in mind, we looked at ingredients and incorporated them into a menu that is modern but still reflects ingredients of the past, as much as is practical, healthful and sustainable.  Cooking and eating need to honor both the land and the community  - expressing both cultural history and values.

Your 4-hour experience to Tillicum Village includes a cruise to Blake Island and fantastic salmon bake as well as a Coast Salish Show.  Join us and experience a true Taste of History.


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