Tillicum Village Menu

Items subject to change

ARG_0285.jpgSteamed Clams in Nectar - As you disembark the boat, join other guests for a welcoming mug of steamed clams in broth with a touch of butter and onions – delicious. As is tradition at Tillicum Village, the used shells are crushed under foot to create the beautiful pathway to the longhouse.

Traditional Alder Baked Salmon* - Savor this centuries-old treat. Our salmon, cooked around alder wood fires on cedar stakes, is unlike anything you have ever tasted. Taking approximately one hour to bake slowly to perfection, the salmon retains moisture and takes on a wonderful mild flavor unique to this style of cooking.

Signature Northwest Stew - This thick meaty stew of bison, beef and venison is full of flavors married together in a rich veal stock, combined with root vegetables and potatoes for a mouth-watering dish.

Wild Grain Harvest Rice - Try this wonderful combination of wild and regular rice, cooked to perfection with onions, garlic and a fragrant vegetable stock.

Warm Whole Grain Tillicum Bread - This rich, dark, slightly-sweet bread is made with a hint of molasses – our own private recipe, served warm with butter. So popular, in fact, you can even purchase loaves to take home.

Field Greens Salad - Seasonal greens, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, Oregon blue cheese, with stone ground rosemary dressing or raspberry vinaigrette served on the side.

Polenta with Wild Mushroom Ragout A collection of wild Northwest wild mushrooms stewed with white wine and herbs, served over creamy polenta

Fresh Fruit Salad - Assorted Melons, Grapes, Strawberries and Pineapple, served with a Strawberry Honey Dipping Sauce.

Blackberry Crisp - Local Blackberries from Remlinger Farms, baked with a crispy topping of butter, oats and brown sugar. Served warm with whipped cream

All menu items except the clams, salmon, and stew are vegetarian.

2015 Beverage Menu

*One of our top priorities is the sustainability of the fish we serve at Tillicum Village.  Because of the decline in the wild salmon population, and depending on availability, we use a mix of wild salmon and farmed all-natural steelhead.  As a guide, The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch considers both wild salmon from Alaska and farmed steelhead a “Best Choice” for sustainability.  We hope you agree and welcome your comments!