Try Our New Augmented Reality Experience!

Have you ever seen a giant octopus taking over the waterfront? Well now’s your chance!

We are more than excited to announce that we have launched our new Augmented Reality experience. The past three months have been hard work, creation, and testing, but it's finally here! Through many trials and ideas, our imagination has come to life! All this work could not have been done without partnering with Seattle-based AR agency Novaby. Through their amazing team and CEO, Julia Beabout, we were able to create this exciting and unique experience.

With the help of Snapchat, guests are now able to scan readily available QR codes around the Pier 55 courtyard and Harbor Cruise boats and see two augmented realities. Our first AR experience starts before you even board the boat! The “Deep-Sea Kraken” lens will showcase an energetic and fun octopus on top of our Argosy-branded ticket booth. Initially shown as orange, users can customize the color of the kraken ranging from a variety of colors.

As the line moves along and you board the Harbor Cruise boat, find QR codes on our tables and bar top that lead to our second experience “Orcas in the Bay”. Get a guaranteed orca sighting by utilizing this AR lens as you point your phone out into the Puget Sound. There you’ll see two happy orcas splashing about!

Our hopes for this step into technology is to not only enhance the Argosy guest experience, but to add to the waterfront tourism experience. We hope to bring more fun and adventure into the Pier 55 courtyard that is accessible and comfortable for everyone to use whether you’re in line or passing by on the sidewalk.

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Check out the below transformation of our AR experience:
@argosycruises TRY OUR NEW AR EXPERIENCE!! Wait in line and hangout with our deep-sea kraken 🐙 or board our boats and see some orcas splashing by 😉 (through your phone) #fyp #seattletiktok #seattlecheck #snapchatfilter ♬ lazy - Official Sound Studio


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