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#MeetUsMonday – Beverage Coordinator Andrew


Argosy Cruises Team Member since 2013
Current Department: Vessel Operations
Hometown: Tacoma, Washington

At Argosy Cruises many staff members wear a lot of hats throughout the year, and Andrew is no exception. Vessel crew since March 2013 Andrew is the bosun of the Sightseer, a captain in training, and Argosy's Beverage Coordinator.

In his role as Argosy's Beverage Coordinator, Andrew is responsible for working with vendors in our area to bring local flavors both onto our vessels and out to our event space at Tillicum on Blake Island State Park. This includes the more routine tasks of ordering product and training crew as well as creating specialty cocktails and onboard food pairings.

Andrew is also a walking encyclopedia of Seattle history, a talent he not only shares with his fellow narrators and tour script writers but also with passengers during our public sightseeing cruises. We're pleased to share Andrew with you this #MeetUsMonday.


What makes Argosy such a unique place to work?

Argosy has such a wide variety of staff from all walks of life. People come to work at Argosy and discorver their special place within the company; be it narrating, bartending, or learning to drive our boats and becoming a captain. Our training here gives our employees a host of tools to apply in many unique situations, be it out on the water with guests or even up in our offices. And even though our tours cover the same areas of Seattle day after day, nothing is ever the same. All that variety makes us very, very unique.

What is your favorite Argosy vessel?

Of course my favorite boat is the Sightseer, the one I'm lead crew on! She is so full of whimsy and fun, and a great boat for the Locks Cruise -- a tour she's been cruising on and off since 1962, in fact. She's also perfect for small groups who are looking for a more informal way to get out onto the water.

What is your favorite cruise at Argosy?

I'm a big fan of our Brews & Bites charters, and not just because I help choose those brews as Beverage Coordinator. These trips are a little nugget of our longer private charter experience, and are packed with fun. These trips not only come with drinks and a variety of snack trays, but a big bin of GAMES. If you haven't experienced Jenga on a boat, you definitely need to join us for one of these cruises!

What is your favorite thing to do in town when you're not working?

I love taking pictures, so I'd have to say that's one of my favorite things to do in Seattle. We have so many great observations spots in the city, like up in the newly-reopened Smith Tower. I haven't taken my camera up to the Sky View Observatory yet, but it's on my list. As is taking pictures from a seaplane.

What's your favorite #ArgosyMoment?

My favorite #ArgosyMoment is a real "geek out" moment. On April 7, 2013, shortly after I started working for Argosy, we were doing Harbor Cruises in Elliott Bay when the Fairpartner coming in. She was bringing the Bertha tunnel boring machine cutter head from the manufacturer in Osaka, Japan.

On one of my days off that week I took some pictures of the vessel with the cutter head from Jack Block Park in West Seattle. I later rode a Harbor Cruise, too, and got some great shots.


What other Argosy department could you see yourself in?

I think I'd like to give the Sales Department a try. Some of my favorite moments on our public tours are the one-on-one interactions with passengers, much like how our Sales Executives work with their clients. And the way that Sales builds relationships with their clients is similar to how I currently work with our local breweries and distilleries.

What is your favorite waterfront stop (besides us)?

The Olympic Sculpture Park is so breathtaking. Echo, the 46-foot-tall statue of the mountain nymph from Greek mythology is one of my favorites. We see her every day on our Harbor Cruise as she looks out toward the Olympic Mountain range, and to see her up close for a change is really impressive.

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