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#MeetUsMonday – Director of Vessel Operations, Chris


Chris House, Director of Vessel Operations

Argosy Cruises Team Member since 1992
Current Department: Vessel Operations
Hometown: Olympia, Washington

As far as Argosy-based resumes go, they don't get much deeper than that of the current Director of Vessel Operations, Chris House. Starting as crew in 1992, Chris received his captain's license in 1995. He became the manager of various vessel teams before becoming one of our waterfront vessel managers in 2004 which included managing the Tillicum Excursion for five of those years. Earlier this year he became the director of all vessel operations.

When Chris is not down at Pier 55 you're likely to find him catching either fish, a Sounders game, or a pint a local brewery. We hope you're asexcited as we are  to meet him this #MeetUsMonday.


How did you hear about Argosy Cruises?

One of my fraternity brothers at the University of Washington told me about Argosy. He had just applied himself and told me about the place since I was also looking for a summer job, and that I liked boats.

You've worked a LOT of positions within the Vessel Operations department. What over department would you ever consider trying?

I think I'd enjoy working in the Guest Services department. I like working with our guests, as I've done for many years when I was crew and captain on our boats.

What is your favorite Argosy vessel?

My favorite boat to drive as a captain has changed over time, and tended to change as I became familiar with the vessels. The Queen's Launch and the Celebrations were early favorites. I really enjoyed the Sightseer, too. But right now I'd say that my favorite of our vessels to drive is the Goodtime II. She's a tank, in a good way! And I've driven her the most recently, so we're good friends.

If I'm riding as a passenger, though, my favorite vessel is the Christmas Ship...complete with whatever annual Winter beer we're featuring that season. I love the holiday feel of the Spirit of Seattle during this time of year, and seeing our repeat Christmas Ship customers cruising with us again. And the crazy festive hats that our crew wears that are also available in our onboard gift shops.

What of our other cruises Argosy offers is your favorite?

Hands down, the Locks Cruise is my favorite. It has a mix of both our salt and fresh water cruises, as well as the attraction of the locks themselves. And certain times of year there's a good chance to see a LOT of salmon.

What's your favorite thing to do when not working?

Definitely fishing. Salmon fishing in the Puget Sound is what I like to do most, but I also have a few secret cutthroat spots that I like to visit. I also do a little fly fishing, both on Puget Sound and in Eastern Washington.

What makes Argosy such a unique place to work?

I believe the Puget Sound itself is what makes what we do so special. This is such a beautiful place with a ton of nature to experience, fantastic scenery that changes as you travel up and down the sound. We live in this exceptionally special place, and to get to share it with all of our guests is the fun part. At Evergreen State College were I got a Bachelor of Science in Puget Sound Ecology, we discussed the idea of "sense of place" quite a lot, and the Puget Sound is definitely mine.

If you would charter one of our boats with our Sales Department, which one would it be, where would you cruise, and what type of event would you hold?

I would have a Georgetown beer tasting dinner, with pizza pairings for each brew. We'd cruise on board the Lady Mary in the Puget Sound, of course!

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