Earth Week & Sustainability

Earth Week at Argosy Cruises!

Mother Nature’s birthday is what I like to call it! Earth Day is the one designated time of the year where everyone shows their appreciation for Earth! Both people and businesses celebrate the beauty of nature in a variety of ways, but the common denominator in all of it is the emphasis on what we can do as a society to preserve the land. In the current state of our environment, it is more than important to recognize the ways everyone, such as businesses, can do, big and small, that help the longevity of our home!

At Argosy Cruises, April 22nd to April 29th was a special week. In honor of Earth Day, we decided to have an Earth Week! This consisted of events of all types, but most usually tied into the theme of sustainability and preservation. This week was open to our office staff and boat/shoreside crew where they could attend as part of their workday to become more informed on such topics and enjoy what nature has offered us. Below are a few of the events that took place:

Trash Clean Up @ Golden Gardens Beach & Park

This activity is one not only easy to set up, but makes an immediate impact! I, as well as a few more Argosy staff signed up to take some time out of our schedules to help clean up a local beach. Not only was this a beach I used to spend time at throughout my childhood, but one that Argosy Cruises usually comes by on their annual Christmas Ship! The weather turned out well and there was plenty to pick up to help fill our bag with. The trash we found varied from apparel, confetti, cigarette buts, a ton of aluminum, cutlery, etc. It was unfortunate to see how much was lying around. This just served as a reminder that when throwing a bbq, bonfire, or party at the beach to make sure your group gathers all their trash and cleans up to the best of their ability. Essentially, leave no trace behind 😉.


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Nature/ Bird Walk
Double-crested Coromat

Fellow employee and Bird Guide, Roniq Bartenen, was more than excited to help lead this event of Argosy’s Earth Week. The purpose of having the bird walk in the mix of events was to highlight the beautiful landscapes and creatures flying around in one of Seattle’s best urban birding spots, Union Bay Natural Area. This was a great way to grow appreciation for the Earth’s beautiful creatures and get some fresh air.

Argosy Cruises’ Shoreside Hospitality Supervisor, Chris Harrity, signed up for the walk and was able to shed some light on how it went and what he learned:

Red wing Black Bird

“I am somewhat of an amateur birder. I enjoy all things natural, but Roniq is extremely knowledgeable about ornithology (the study of birds). I learned so much on our outing. Union Bay natural area used to be Seattle’s city dump and it is now flourishing with so much natural life. One thing that I learned specifically that I did not know beforehand was about Audubon Warblers and Myrtles Warblers. They are very similar except the differences in color. The Audubon Warbler has a yellow throat and the Myrtles Warbler throat is white. They are a tropical species that over winters is in Central America.”


Wing Luke Museum, Exhibit: We Are Changing The Tide

Close to our main offices is the Wing Luke Museum, which is Seattle’s only museum on the Asian Pacific American Experience. They hold multiple exhibits throughout the years and just in time for our Earth Week was one called “We Are Changing the Tide” which focuses on how BIPOC communities are tackling Environmental Racism and how as a community we support and push for changes in the current environmental system. Through this exhibit I was able to see how much of impact big businesses have on our environment and how a lot of the time when natural disasters or areas of help are needed, it is often time POC who live in the areas that are being displaced and disrupted.

@argosycruises One of the events during Argosy’s Earth Week! Location is the Wing Luke Museum in International District! The exhibit focuses on environmental justice and the effects on the BIPOC community. Go visit! #fyp #seattle #seattletiktok ♬ say - Official Sound Studio

With this being our first try, since COVID had started, at throwing an “Earth Week” I found the week to be a boat load of fun and very informing. Always remember, #everydayisearthday.

To learn more about Argosy Cruises’ Sustainability Policy and the active steps we are taking for the year of 2022, click below.

Sustainability Policy