Sustainability Policy

Our Commitment 

We are embracing a commitment to sustainable business practices in all areas and at all levels of the company.  

In 2023, we will release our strategic sustainability plan and work towards achieving Sustainable Tourism certification by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) by 2030. In 2022, our efforts are focused on the following specific actions to reduce our environmental impact and strengthen our community.  


Responsibility to Our Environment 

Conserving Resources & Reducing Pollution 

    • Develop and implement an environmentally preferable purchasing policy  
    • Operate all public and private cruises within defined RPM ranges to maximize fuel efficiency  
    • Measure current greenhouse gas emissions to identify opportunities to eliminate or reduce emissions from significant sources  
    • Safeguard harmful substances by storing, handling, and disposing properly and actively managing the systems in place 

Waste Mitigation 

    • Annually eliminate an estimated 15,000 plastic bottles, 8,000 plastic wrappers, 14,000 single-use drinkware, and 22,000 plastic-coated popcorn cups by transitioning to reusable, compostable, or other recyclable alternatives.  
    • Increase waste diversion by implementing a compost program and enhancing waste sorting processes 

Responsible Wildlife Encounters 

    • Argosy Cruises follows all guidelines outlined in the Marine Mammal Protection Act, including maintaining minimum distances and low speeds, to ensure no adverse effects on wildlife that our cruises encounter 


Responsibility to Our Community 

Maximize Economic Benefits to Our Community 

    • Develop and implement a purchasing policy that prioritizes locally owned and operated suppliers  
    • Increase our annual donation to The Seattle Times Fund For Those In Need through new donation initiatives during the Christmas Ship™ Festival 
    • Relaunch our Community Giving program to provide financial support and experiential donations to local organizations that align with our purpose and core values 

Maximize Benefits to Cultural Heritage 

    • Educate our guests about the traditional Coast Salish territory on which we operate 
    • Educate local and regional classrooms of Native American stories, dances, and history in our Tillicum Village® School Program