Accessibility Overview | Docks, Facilities & Vessels

Argosy Cruises has multiple facilities and each has differing levels of accessibility to those who may have limitations. Please use the information below to assist you with answering your accessibility questions, and keep in mind that day-to-day operations can change.

Wheelchairs, strollers & other wheeled devices

Our team is trained to assist guests with wheelchairs, walkers, and canes to navigate our docks, facilities, and vessels. If you or a member of your party has a mobility limitation, please check with an Argosy team member prior to check-in and we can assist in the boarding process.

Electric scooters are not able to board our vessels. If you are utilizing that specific mobility device our team will happily assist you in using one of our company wheelchairs and we can provide an area to store your electric scooter during your tour.


Docks, Facilities, & Vessels Overview

Pier 55, Seattle Central Waterfront

This is our homeport and is located on Puget Sound, which means the floating dock will rise and fall with the tide, changing the angle of our boarding ramps. At low tide, the 55-ft long ramp can have a maximum slope of 20 degrees. Since this is a floating dock, it is subject to the wakes and waves that occur on the sound and can rock from time to time. There are handrails (in most places) to assist with stability.

Pier 54, Seattle Central Waterfront

This dock is also located on Puget Sound and rises and falls with the tide. At low tide, the angle of our 65-ft boarding ramp can have a maximum slope of 25 degrees. The floating dock is subject to the wakes and waves that occur in the sound and will rock from time to time.

AGC Marina, Lake Union

AGC Marina is located at the southern end of Lake Union. This is a fixed dock and the walk to the boat is flat and smooth. Lake levels do change throughout the year, and there can be a few steps down to certain vessels. These steps will never be more than 9 inches. Guests with wheelchairs would find it best to call our office to get details about boarding at AGC Marina.

Infograph denoting ramp width, restroom door width, etc.Infograph denoting ramp width, restroom door width, etc.

If you have more questions, please call our office at 206.623.1445 or 1.888.623.1445 and we would be happy to assist you further.

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Argosy Cruises – Seattle Waterfront
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Argosy Cruises – Seattle Waterfront, Pier 55

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Argosy Cruises – Lake Union (AGC Marina) | Boarding only; In-person ticket sales available

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