Statement of Solidarity

7/1 update - #StopHateForProfit

Beginning today, we are suspending paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram for the entire month to address the affect that Facebook has on society and the spread of hate, extremism and misinformation. By eliminating our contribution to Facebook's advertising revenue, we are demanding a change for a safer, more inclusive and respectful platform for all people.

We will continue to share unpaid, organic posts to stay connected with our wonderful community, and could use your support as Argosy Ambassadors to share our updates.

Profits will never be worth supporting hate of any kind, and we urge you to be vigilant in recognizing and stopping the spread of hate, extremism and misinformation.

To learn more about the #StopHateForProfit mission, go to

In the past week, we have all witnessed the collective anger and frustration of our community demanding that action be taken and justice be served.

For over 70 years, Argosy Cruises has been a part of the Northwest fabric. As a leader in the travel and tourism as well as the maritime industries, speaking out and advocating for racial equity hasn’t always been part of our DNA.

It’s time to make a change. We want our community to unequivocally know that Argosy Cruises believes Black Lives Matter. In no way do we tolerate inequality or acts of hate and violence towards members of our community. We are committed to ensuring a safe space for employees and guests and will continue to speak out against racial injustice.

Over the coming weeks, our community of guests and employees can expect to see a detailed action plan to support these statements and hold ourselves accountable for change. The plan will address the following:

  • Providing race and social justice training for all employees of Argosy Cruises
  • Cultivating an anti-racist culture
  • Attracting a more diverse workforce
  • Community outreach – most importantly, tribal and communities of color

We look forward to sharing our progress toward making our community a strong, more equitable one.