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The best boat charters in Seattle start with Argosy Cruises. As Seattle’s premier private charter provider for over 75 years, your options for parties, celebrations, corporate events, wedding, private tours, team building activities and entertaining are endless. Our skilled charter planning team is ready to help make your next private charter or corporate event a success. A fully customized experience, from the catering of your choice to the music, there is no shortage of fun when you charter a boat with us!

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Menu and Bar Options

When chartering a boat in Seattle, the range of menu and bar options available is a key consideration for many clients. From a diverse option of caterers to custom menu selections, these services ensure a bespoke dining experience tailored to individual preferences and dietary requirements.

Moreover, our bar packages are notable, featuring a selection of local Pacific Northwest flavors that add a unique touch to your event.


A crucial element of any event, Argosy Cruises offers a multitude of catering options with preferred caterers, including a variety of menu choices to enhance your boat charter experience. As the top Seattle-based charter company, we understand that excellent catering is key to successful events, hence, we can guide you with a broad array of options tailored to meet your specific needs.

  1. Preferred Caterers: Argosy Cruises has a list of preferred caterers who are experienced in delivering top-notch services on our boats and whom understand what food, menus, and experiences work best on the varied boats and docking locations.
  2. Custom Menu Options: Clients can customize menu selections based on their preferences and dietary requirements.
  3. Event-Specific Menus: The catering companies offers themed menus for special events such as holiday parties.
  4. Catering for Various Event Sizes: Whether it’s a small family gathering or a large corporate event, Argosy Cruises can cater to all.

Bar Packages

Complementing the diverse catering options, Argosy Cruises also presents a selection of bar packages, featuring the finest local flavors from the Pacific Northwest to enrich your event experience. Our offerings range from locally brewed beers and regionally produced wines, to artisanal cocktails crafted with locally distilled spirits. These bar packages can be customized according to the event type and client’s preference.


Argosy Cruises boasts an array of entertainment options through established partnerships with local entertainers, offering music, games, and much more. This makes every cruise not just a journey, but an immersive experience.

  1. Music: From DJs to classical quartets, Argosy has partnerships with talented musicians, providing live music that serves a variety of tastes.
  2. Interactive Games: Engagement is key, and with a selection of onboard games available from all types of vendors, guests are sure to enjoy a fun-filled journey..
  3. Educational Tours: For those seeking knowledge, Argosy provides informative tours, blending entertainment with education about Seattle’s history and landmarks as you cruise by them.

Departure Points

Guests can expect a seamless departure from various points in and around the Seattle area. These departure points are selected to ensure convenience and accessibility for all guests.

Our primary departure locations include the bustling Seattle Waterfront, the serene Lake Union, and the expansive Lake Washington. However, we can accommodate departures across the Puget Sound. Each location offers unique views and different experiences, allowing guests the flexibility to choose according to their preferences.

Each departure point has been chosen for its parking, ease of use, easy access to public transportation, and proximity to popular landmarks. Regardless of the chosen departure point, guests are assured a smooth sailing experience with Seattle’s top-rated boat charter services, offering not just a ride, but a memorable journey.

Seasonal Considerations and Tips

Seasonal factors significantly influence the Seattle boat charter experience. Understanding the optimal times for chartering a boat, being aware of likely weather conditions, and knowing what to pack are essential elements of planning.

The following discussion provides valuable insights into these considerations to ensure an enjoyable and hassle-free charter experience.

Best Times to Charter

When considering a boat charter in Seattle, it’s crucial to keep in mind the region’s distinct seasonal variations and how they can impact your cruising experience.

  1. Spring (March – May): With the blooming cherry blossoms and relatively mild weather, this season offers a picturesque backdrop for sailing.
  2. Summer (June – August): This is the most popular time for chartering a boat in Seattle due to the warm, sunny weather and longer daylight hours. Enjoy our upper decks for optimal views and summer breeze. 
  3. Fall (September – November): The changing leaves provide a vibrant display of colors, making for a unique cruising experience.
  4. Winter (December – February): With fewer tourists, winter can offer a more peaceful boating experience, although it’s important to note that the weather can be colder and wetter, so you’ll most likely take advantage of our ample heated indoor entertaining and dining spaces.

Weather and Packing Tips

To fully enjoy the unique charm of each season during your boat charter in Seattle, it is essential to consider the weather conditions and pack accordingly. Seattle’s summer months are typically warm and dry, so lightweight clothing, sunglasses, and sunblock are recommended. However, it can get chilly on the water, so a light jacket can be useful. If you are chartering during the cooler, rainy months, waterproof attire, umbrellas, and warm clothing are necessary.

Having the right gear, such as non-slip shoes for moving around the boat, can also enhance your experience and ensure your safety. Regardless of the season, don’t forget your camera to capture the beauty of Seattle’s waterscape. By being mindful of these factors, you can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable charter experience.

Ready to Charter?

Argosy Cruises presents an exceptional choice for chartering a boat in Seattle, providing a variety of customizable options for events, impressive catering and bar packages, and a dedicated sales team ready to assist in planning the perfect outing.

Featuring the Pacific Northwest’s largest fleet, Argosy Cruises can accommodate groups of varying sizes up to 450 guests. Our Sales Team will help you decide the best vessel based on your event type, group size, and departure location.

For those interested in this unique Seattle experience, request a quote from Argosy Cruises today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Safety Measures Does Argosy Cruises Implement for Their Boat Charters?

Argosy Cruises prioritizes passenger safety by implementing stringent measures, including trained crew members, regular equipment inspections, adherence to Coast Guard regulations, and emergency protocols like life jacket drills and proper safety briefing before departure.

How Far in Advance Should a Boat Charter Be Booked With Argosy Cruises?

To ensure availability and ample preparation time, it is recommended to book a boat charter with Argosy Cruises at least several weeks to a few months in advance, depending on the size and specifics of the event. For summer months or holidays like 4th of July and Seafair weekend, we recommend reaching out as early as possible.

Does Argosy Cruises Provide Any Special Packages or Discounts for Large Groups or Corporate Events?

Yes, Argosy Cruises offers customizable packages and potential discounts for large groups and corporate events, including catering, bar packages, and entertainment options. Details can be confirmed with our skilled charter team.

Is There Any Limitation on the Number of People That Can Be Accommodated on a Charter?

Argosy Cruises can accommodate varying group sizes for its charter services. However, the exact number of people depends on the specific boat selected for charter. For accurate information, it’s recommended to contact our charter team.

Are There Any Age Restrictions or Guidelines for Children on Argosy Cruises Boat Charters?

Argosy Cruises welcomes guests of all ages on their boat charters. However, for safety purposes, children must be supervised at all times. It’s advisable to check with Argosy for any specific guidelines regarding children.

Menu, Bar, Entertainment Options

Our Sales Team has the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right menu, bar and entertainment options to make your event a hit!


Certain times of the year are simply magical on the waters of Seattle; it’s an excellent time for celebrating the successes and the joys of the season.