Locks Cruise – South Lake Union

If you find yourself at South Lake Union before/after your Locks Cruise, we've got you covered on some of the best spots to visit around South Lake Union while you're in town.

AGC Marina - South Lake Union

Tacos Chukis | 832 Dexter Ave N

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If you're looking to satisfy your mid-afternoon hunger, this is your one-stop-shop for a simple, but yummy meal. With above average ratings on Google, Facebook, and Yelp, Tacos Chukis near South Lake Union cannot be overlooked. The notable taco joint serves up 7 dishes including tacos, baby burritos, and tortas, and customers rave over the pork adobada taco topped with grilled pineapples! This is a great spot to sit down and refuel before you conquer the rest of your adventure.

Tacos Chukis Menu

MOHAI | 860 Terry Ave N

Don't feel like wandering too far off the beaten path? The Museum of History & Industry is located in Lake Union Park just a short walk southeast from AGC Marina. Explore the temporary and permanent exhibits MOHAI has to offer and immerse yourself in the history of how Seattle came to be. With a mission to highlight Seattle's "tradition of innovation and imagination," you are sure to get lost in the treasure we Seattleites call home. For information on current exhibits, check out their website.

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Space Needle | 400 Broad St

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It goes without saying that the Space Needle is a must-do when visiting Seattle, but most people don't take the chance to see the city from above. Buy a ticket and hop into the elevator to soar 520 ft. into the clouds. Your stomach may drop and your knees may shake, but the view is 100 percent worth it.



 MoPOP (Museum of Pop Culture) | 325 5th Ave N

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Do you love film? Fashion? Music? If you answered yes, then MoPOP is the museum for you! With "iconic artifacts, interactive installations, and a wealth of learning opportunities," MoPOP pulls audiences into each collection, calling upon your imagination and creativity. You can easily lose track of time inside MoPOP and it is a great pit stop for all ages! Check out their website for information regarding current exhibits.

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