Vendor Spotlight: EatDrink with Eric Bauer & Green Apple Catering

Welcome to the third and final edition of Vendor Spotlight! This week we're showcasing the last two of our beloved partners, EatDrink with Eric Bauer and Green Apple Catering. Read on to learn how a sister-owned and operated catering company is staying open for your business, plus a feature from our veteran-owned and operated catering partner.

EatDrink Catering

Business Diversity Program 10th Annual Catering Show 2017
Business Diversity Program 10th Annual Catering Show 2017

Veteran-Owned and Operated!

Eric Bauer, Owner

"We love the challenge of catering. Making food hours before an event and have it taste as if it just came from the oven is what we do.

Last minute changes are also rewarding. When a client asks if we can add a particular food to their menu that very same day, I’m all for it.  Dietary restrictions?  Not a problem. I’ll make a pastry for a vegan with a gluten and nut allergy.

We simply cater to people’s needs and take great joy in sharing the moment with our clients."

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Green Apple Catering

The Green Apple Team
The Green Apple Catering Team

Sister-Owned and Operated!

Kris Brown & Cheryl Seaton, Owners

"Green Apple Events & Catering celebrated 10 years of business in January 2020. Our Green Apple name is to reflect that we are a sustainable green company and the apple is to symbolize that we are a proud Washington State business."

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