LGBTQ-Owned Businesses to Visit in Seattle

LGBTQ-Owned Businesses to Visit this Pride Month!

One amazing part of Seattle are the different communities we have that come together to celebrate each other. Specifically in the month of June, we celebrate and honor our LGBTQ community! Let us highlight the successes and obstacles their community has overcome to get closer to a better and more inclusive world! There are SO MANY amazing businesses in the Seattle-area that are LGBTQ-owned. Here are a handful to visit this month (or any day of the year)!


Seeking Kombucha
    • Looking for some refreshing drinks while also improving your gut health? Jeanette Macias and Lyz Bartolome have your answer. Starting out and finding success at Farmers Market’s, Seeking Kombucha has now transformed brick and mortar taproom where everyone can come grab a quick sip! Jeanette and Lyz brew their own kombucha, keeping it raw and organic while still creating the perfect balance of flavor. Visit to try multiple fermented drinks, cocktails and mocktails. Just as they say on their website, “Let your food be your medicine”.

Biang Biang Noodles
    • Thank you, owners Alison Deng, Sia Zhang, and Yuming Xu for opening up Biang Biang Noodles! If you love Asian cuisine or all things noodles, then this is a place to try! This specific type of noodle is long, thick, and created by being hand-pulled. Your order can be combined with different vegetables and meats, as well as multiple flavors. If you aren’t too full, order some dumplings and wings to try. Thirsty? Try their variety of iced drinks.


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Dough Joy
    • Donut Lover’s this one’s for you! Dough Joy is exactly that – joy. This is Seattle’s first donut shop and café that is 100% plant-based in its ingredients, while also cutting all animal products in the process. Some may think well if there are no eggs, milk, or butter, how tasty can these donuts really be? And the answer to that is..VERY! This is place is nothing short of flavor, toppings, and deliciousness. Make sure to plan your visit because they can sell out quick! Follow their Instagram for daily updates.


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Harry’s Fine Foods
    • If you are looking for a cute, quaint spot nestled in the neighborhood of Capitol Hill, stop looking. Perfect for a date, brunch, or after work drinks, Harry’s Fine Foods is sure to become one of your favorite restaurants to go. Harrys opened in 2016 and since then has served many people with yummy food, refreshing cocktails, and kind customer service. If you go, I recommend ending your visit with the Chocolate Cake!


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Repair Revolution
    • Now this one has nothing to do with food, but it's still a great resource to know and have when you are having car troubles! In the SODO area lives Repair Revolution, a Queer-owned and operated automotive repair shop! They have a wide range of services covering car maintenance, repairs, diagnostics, and workshops. They are passionate about their field and about change in the community! Check them out if your car is starting to sound a little funny or if you want lessons on how to be more hands on with your vehicle.


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Bring your friends, family or yourself to one of these outstanding businesses. Try one or knock out all of them in one day (drinks, dinner and dessert). To further celebrate Pride Month, don’t forget to check out Seattle’s Pride Fest next weekend June 25-26. Celebrate in Capitol Hill on 6/25 or Seattle Center on 6/26.

Check out more extensive lists HERE and HERE.

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