Top 5 Tips for Planning a Company Team Building Event

Top 5 Tips for Planning a Company Team Building Event

From increased engagement to improving communication skills, team building events benefit companies & their employees in a myriad of ways. But how do you plan an event successfully? Read our top 5 tips to knock your event out of the park!

1. Go offsite

Reduce everyday office distractions (emails, voicemails, etc.) by hosting team building events outside of the office. A new environment will foster creativity and collaboration. Plus, it won't feel like a day at the office.

2. Schedule during work hours

Team building is an investment and no one wants to put in extra time after work or over the weekend to attend a mandatory work event, no matter how much they love their job. An event during the week will boost attendance--just make sure the vacation calendar isn't full!

3. Find a fun theme

Incorporating activities like scavenger hunts or water sports will not only keep your employees engaged, it will also build valuable work skills in the process. Win, win!

4. Make it accessible for everyone

Find a venue that offers a blend of activities that are appropriate for everyone. A space to play Family Feud, an outdoor area for a scavenger hunt or a space to simply sit and collaborate.

5. Set goals

Communicate the goals of the team building event so employees have a clear understanding and can contribute to reaching the goal.

Everyone, *hands in* Go Team!

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