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#MeetUsMonday – Lead Captain Aren

Aren Jensen #MeetUsMonday text

Captain Aren Jensen

Argosy Cruises Team Member since 2002
Current Department: Vessel Operations
Hometown: Clarkston, Washington

Within Argosy's fleet of vessels there is also a fleet of captains. Some have been with the company for decades, others a few years, and some are brand new -- experienced crewmembers, ink still drying on their licenses, ready to "learn the ropes."

Among the more experienced captains, two have been designated as Lead Captains. Each has a primary set of boats they are familiar with, and both participate heavily in new crew training and communication between the Vessel Operations Managers in the office and the rest of Argosy's captains.

Argosy Cruises' two Lead Captains are Aren Jensen (featured today) and Zak Ricards (to be featured in a future #MeetUsMonday). Each has different teaching and leading styles which compliment one another and make them a great team.

Aren began at Argosy in 2002 as crew. Like many rockstar crewmembers before her, she moved her way up to a lead crew position (bosun of the Lady Mary), got her captain's license, and started driving boats, with the help of other more experienced captains within Argosy.

Not only is Aren one of our Lead Captains, she is the main captain during the Christmas Ship Festival: piloting the Spirit of Seattle (AKA the Christmas Ship) to over 45 locations throughout Puget Sound while choirs perform live to crowds on shore. She's also the planner and orchestrator for decorating ALL our vessels during the holiday season. (It is more than safe to say that Aren LOVES Christmas.)


What's your favorite Argosy vessel?

I'd have to say it's the Spirit of Seattle. I spend the most time on her and know her very well.

What's your favorite cruise or event here at Argosy?

Christmas Ship is my favorite. I absolutely LOVE Christmas. I love the music, I love taking the boat to all those different locations. The community involvement around the festival is so amazing.

How about your favorite part of our cruises?

Our narrations. I'll hear passengers before the tour starts...visitors asking their local friends questions that they don't quite know the answers to. I find joy in those moments, because they're all going to be blown away by how much they're going to learn about the city!

You bring your family members out on this tour because they're from out of town, but we really have something special for our locals, too. And with the tourism industry doing so well in our growing Seattle, it's so important that we keep those narrations up to date and factual. We work hard at it, and it shows.

What makes Argosy such a unique place to work?

I love that we have different projects every day, and different boats to do them on. It keeps us on our toes, and keeps all of us continuing to learn and grow. I think that's what keeps people here so long -- it's not the same thing day in and day out. No two Harbor Cruises are ever the same.

Which other department in the company would you like to job shadow?

I would say Marketing. It intrigues me. It's got a real creative side, and I feel like I'm a creative person.

What's your favorite stop on the waterfront (besides us!)?

There's two things I would do down here on my day off, besides go on a cruise: Elliott's Oyster House or Nijo's Sushi. Their sushi is so good. I love the environment, I love the cucumber water! And I eat at Elliott's as much as I can. I love that place.

On a day off and away from Argosy, where do you like to spend your time?

I try to get out of the country at least once a year. But on a more regular basis, for me on a day off, my goal is to get out of the city. I need to be with the trees. [laughs] In the quiet, without a lot of people.


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