Sustainability at Argosy Cruises

An Earth Day Reflection

Happy birthday to Mother Nature, today is your day! On Earth Day we show appreciation to this beautiful place we call home. As we embrace nature's beauty for this week, let us not forget that taking care of our planet is not a once a year event, but an everyday action. As a society we must preserve the land that we all live, breath, and play on! 

As a business we recognize the things we can do to help the current state of our environment and that there are things we can do, big or small, that will make an impact. Here at Argosy Cruises we embrace the commitment to sustainable business practices and we apply that to all areas of the company. 

At Argosy Cruises we work hard to conserve resources where we can and reduce pollution. When public tours and private charters occur, we operate within defined RPM ranges so that we can maximize fuel efficiency. To cruise efficiently, we also measure current greenhouse gas emission to identify where we can eliminate or reduce those emissions so that more isn't used when not needed. 

We also focus and prioritize waste mitigation and eliminating single use plastics anywhere we can. When purchasing from our onboard bar you'll find glassware for all beverages and a handful of our snacks coming from reusable or compostable alternatives. Both onboard our boats and in our home office Argosy Cruises implements a compost program and waste sorting processes.

Part of our sustainability policy is maximizing economic benefits for those in our community. We do this by developing a purchasing policy that prioritizes locally owned and operated suppliers. A majority of our onboard menu comes from local vendors such as the selection of spirits, beers, wines, and snacks. 

Complete Sustainability Policy

Earth Day Activities and Opportunities

Working towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future requires active and consistent steps! Remember that #everydayisearthday and that taking care of where we live is not just on April 22nd. If you're looking to spend Earth Day outside and actively helping, here are a few opportunities happening around the Greater Seattle Area:

  • Restoration Event in Burien - On 4/22, help mulch and weed out toxic plants that will help young trees flourish and native plants grow REGISTER
  • Park Clean Ups around Seattle - Hosted by Seattle Parks and Recreation, meet up and gather with other volunteers to clean up garbage at nearby parks and playfields (Myrtle Edwards Park or Genesee Park) MORE INFO
  • Park Clean Up in Mountlake Terrace - Grab a bag and join other volunteers up north to clean up Veterans Memorial Park @ 9 am to 12 on 4/22 and lunch is provided REGISTER
  • Earth Day Celebration - Head to Pacific Place for a party focused on Mother Nature! From 2-4 pm there will be music, face painting, arts & crafts with recycled materials, and lessons on gardening MORE INFO