Booking Fees & Service Charges Overview

Booking Fees & Service Charges

Pricing Details

What is the booking fee per ticket?
There is a $1.25 booking fee added to all Argosy Cruises tickets purchased online, by phone or at our ticket booths.

Why do you charge a booking fee?
We want to provide the best and most convenient ticket booking service for our guests. To make this possible it takes considerable resources, both in terms of staffing and investment in new technologies. The booking fee enables us to ensure that you will enjoy the best possible customer experience when you buy tickets from us, now and in the future.

Why does Tillicum Excursion have an additional service charge?
Tillicum Excursion tickets have an additional service charge added - $6.00 per Adult/Senior tickets and $2.00 per Youth Tickets.  This fee is shared with the hourly staff of servers, bartenders, cooks and others.

What if I still want to tip my Tillicum server for doing an exceptional job?
You are welcome to tip your server at your discretion and he or she will receive the funds directly. However, this is not necessary, nor expected.

How do I know what booking fees or service charges I am being charged?
Our online reservation system lists the total price of each ticket, including the per-ticket booking fee and the taxes & fees section includes the taxes and any service charges when applicable.

When booking in person, the fees are also on your receipt.

How can I tell you what I think?
We welcome any comments from customers about the service that we provide. To contact us, email [email protected] or write to Customer Comments, Argosy Cruises, 1101 Alaskan Way Suite 201, Seattle WA 98101. We respond to all comments within 10 working days.

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